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Physical inactivity is not about laziness


Many would like to exercise more and try to do so, but unfortunately it is often only successful in the short term

Only around one third of Finns exercise in accordance with the recommendations.

The endorphin rush from sports typically makes it fun and

rewarding, but many don't get it.* This is largely hereditary and one of the most significant reasons for low exercise.



StarJump is a fitness solution of a new era


Exercising should be enjoyable the first time

StarJump's immersive fitness classes is all about having fun and enjoying life.


Exercising environment must be mentally safe

The StarJump gym is fairly dark and there are no mirrors at all.


Fitness experiences must be well organised and friendly

We smile and keep the places tidy. The top it all of, is our wonderful, immersive exercise experience.

Check out StarJump's fitness classes

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